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University of Wisconsin Students Experience Mexico’s Maize and Culture

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The University of Wisconsin students met smallholder farmers in Toluca to view their practices first-hand. Photos: Luis Castilla Zetina/CIMMYT

The University of Wisconsin students met smallholder farmers in Toluca to view their practices first-hand. Photos: Luis Castilla Zetina/CIMMYT

By Luis Castilla Zetina/CIMMYTOn 9 August CIMMYT-El Batán welcomed a group of 22 students and three teachers from the University of Wisconsin for a week-long stay. The students are enrolled in the university’s course for a Global Health Certificate, which introduces students to a preventive, population-level, interdisciplinary approach to health promotion. According to organizers, the trip to CIMMYT served to “open the eyes of the students to the importance of agriculture and nutrition.”

MasAgro Móvil Brings Key Crop Information to Farmers’ Mobile Phones in Guanajuato

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By Karen Willenbrecht/CIMMYT 

As of April, farmers in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato are now receiving localized agriculture updates and decision-making advice on their mobile telephones thanks to a service launched by MasAgro Móvil. This new development in MasAgro Móvil´s service is part of Guanajuato’s plan to modernize agriculture with CIMMYT-developed technologies. MasAgro Móvil, a project of the Sustainable Modernization of Traditional Agriculture (MasAgro) program, along with other MasAgro tools, received an investment of 10.4 million pesos (US$ 804,000) thanks to the support of Miguel Márquez Márquez, governor of Guanajuato, who seeks to promote sustainable agriculture in his state.

CIMMYT and CIBIOGEM Hold Symposium on Transgenics and Society

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By Katie Lutz/CIMMYT

CIMMYT, CIBIOGEM and the North Carolina State University (NCSU) transgenics and society group joined together at CIMMYT headquarters on 24 July for the symposium “Transgenics and Society: Towards a constructive dialogue that contributes to policies and regulatory frameworks.” The event was organized to highlight the importance of scientific and moral considerations surrounding individuals’ and hence society’s perspectives about transgenic crops and other emerging technologies.

Precision Farming Down Under at the National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture

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By Jack McHugh and Francelino Rodrigues/CIMMYT

In late June, while the great majority of the conservation agriculture community converged on Winnipeg, Canada, in the Northern Hemisphere, Dr. Francelino Rodrigues, a CIMMYT pos-doctoral fellow in precision agriculture in the Biometric and Statistics Unid of the Genetic Resources Program, and Dr. Jack McHugh, a CIMMYT cropping systems agronomist in the Global Conservation Agriculture Program, ventured into the much colder Southern Hemisphere to take part in the Digital Rural Futures Conference at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.

Former DG Praises CIMMYT’s Progress, Renews Japanese Collaboration with CIMMYT

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By Karen Willenbrecht/CIMMYT

CIMMYT’s previous director general had strong praise for the organization’s current working environment and leadership after a tour of the headquarters office at El Batán on 24 July.

“I’m pleased to see the energy of the staff, the new facilities and how Tom has built on CIMMYT’s strengths,” Dr. Masa Iwanaga said. “It gives me professional satisfaction; the six years I devoted here have paid off handsomely.”

Manuel Villa Issa Joins CIMMYT Board of Trustees

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Jennifer Johnson/CIMMYT

Manuel Villa Issa, noted agricultural economist and educator, has joined the Board of Trustees of the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT). Villa Issa is the Coordinator for Research, Innovation and Partnerships of the National Institute for Research on Forestry, Crops and Livestock of Mexico (INIFAP).

Villa Issa has been a senior professor-researcher at the Colegio de Postgraduados (CP) since 1974. His focus is the economic analysis of investment, public policies and quantitative methods. During 1995-96 he served as Director General of CP, facilitating courses for CP and other national institutions. He also served as President of El Colegio de Puebla AC from 2005-11.

New Agreement with Mexican Government Will Allow MasAgro to Continue Its Groundbreaking Work

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Photo of staff

Photo: Conservation Agriculture Program staff

Dr. Thomas Lumpkin/CIMMYT Director GeneralMexico is seen by many as one of the strongest emerging economies, with a high GDP and strong purchasing power parity. Yet a commonly overlooked fact is that nearly 23 percent of Mexicans, some 27.4 million citizens, still suffer from food shortages and insecurity1. In late 2010, CIMMYT and the Mexican Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA) launched the Sustainable Modernization of Traditional Agriculture project (MasAgro) to raise farm community living standards and foster sustainable food security through research, development, training and the transfer of technology —ultimately to make a difference to the lives of these millions.

From an initial budget of US$ 3 million to a budget of nearly US$ 20 million in 2014, MasAgro has been seen as a success and was described by the G20 Mexico Agriculture Group as “an experience that could serve as a model for coordinating research and development, innovation, transfer of technology, as well as public-private links in the agri-food sector.” Nonetheless, since the 2012 elections and change of government, as is typical, there has been a shift in priorities within SAGARPA with an increased focus on impact and downstream research. These changes also resulted in a changing vision for MasAgro, including new administrative rules. As a result, after months of extended negotiations, the technical annex between CIMMYT and the new SAGARPA administration was agreed upon by both parties, and signed last week.

“A Taste of the New CIMMYT”: DG Shares Vision with Fund Council

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By Karen Willenbrecht/CIMMYT

Dr. Thomas A. Lumpkin, CIMMYT director general, welcomed members of the CGIAR Fund Council to the El Batán campus on 9 May by promising them “a taste of the new CIMMYT.”

The Fund Council, a representative body of donors and other stakeholders, is the decision-making body of the CGIAR Fund. Its first onsite meeting of 2014 was held 7-8 May in Mexico City, hosted by Mexico’s SAGARPA, and many of the members visited the El Batán campus the following day for a series of presentations and tours that gave them a first-hand look at CIMMYT’s work. Lumpkin opened the day with an overview of CIMMYT’s unique history and its value to the international community, reminding the council members that in some developing countries, up to 90 percent of wheat and maize crops are from CIMMYT-derived seeds.

MasAgro Shows Maize Seed Advances to Mexico Seed Sector

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By Alberto Chassaigne/CIMMYT

Representatives of Mexico’s national seed sector attended two MasAgro maize events on 3-4 April. First, in Puerto Vallarta, more than 50 representatives of national seed companies interacted with CIMMYT scientists and leaders to learn about conventional breeding and the application of advanced technology such as doubled haploid technology and selection for yield, drought tolerance, heat, low nitrogen and disease tolerance.

Photo of technology

Seed producers learn about new technology at a MasAgro event. Photo: Alberto Chassaigne/CIMMYT

Speakers also presented the results of the Collaborative Networks 2013 evaluation and assessed new hybrids. Next, participants went to a field station in El Cantón, where they observed plots featuring improved hybrids MasAgro offers for the highlands, tropics and subtropics. The four-hour tour allowed participants to see the performance of the hybrids while learning about best practices. They also visited a hybrid seed production field where they could see the effective application of recommendations given by CIMMYT seed specialists. The activities allowed for the exchange of knowledge between members of the collaborative network.


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