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Training on Developing Stress-resilient Maize at CIM-MYT-Hyderabad, India

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K. Seetharam and P.H. Zaidi

A training course on developing stress-resilient maize for early-/mid-career maize breeders from national programs, agricultural universities and seed companies, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), was held at CIMMYT-Hyderabad, India, on 15 May 2015. The course was open to partners in the Heat Tolerant Maize for Asia (HTMA) project and members of the International Maize Improvement Consortium (IMIC-Asia). It covered key aspects of precision phenotyping, including enhancing precision of field trials, managing adequate levels of stress to express available genotypic variability, using advanced tools to capture data efficiently and precision in recording various traits in phenotyping trials.

Student reflection: My visit to CIMMYT-Hyderabad, India

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Alex Renaud

By Alex Renaud

Alex Renaud is a third-year graduate student pursuing a doctorate degree in plant breeding and genetics from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, USA.

When given the opportunity to travel to India to work on heat tolerance in maize, I leaped at the prospect. I was excited by the potential for professional development and the chance to experience a different culture. My visit was part of the Heat Tolerant Maize for Asia (HTMA) collaborative project, funded by the United States Agency for International Development Feed the Future Initiative. The project supports graduate students in plant breeding to learn about and contribute to completing initiative objectives. HTMA is a public-private partnership (PPP) led by CIMMYT-Asia. Partners include Purdue University, Pioneer Hi-Bred and other seed companies and public sector maize programs in South Asia.

Field day of the International Maize Improvement Consortium for Asia

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On 13 March 2012, the first field day of the International Maize Improvement Consortium–Asia (IMIC-Asia) was held. The meeting, organized by CIMMYT-Asia and held at the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), welcomed 50 participants from 26 national, regional, and multinational seed organizations.

B.S. Vivek, CIMMYT-Asia senior maize breeder, started the day with a warm welcome and a brief overview of the field demonstrations of maize materials. The participants then made field selections of those that interested them. The afternoon session started with Vivek detailing the progress made in IMIC-Asia since the consortium began in 1 July 2010. P.H. Zaidi, CIMMYT-Asia senior maize physiologist, then coordinated a discussion on priority traits and locations for IMIC hybrid evaluations. The meeting concluded with members giving their impressions of the field day and suggestions to further strengthen IMIC activities. They expressed their appreciation of CIMMYT’s efforts and the progress already made. They were confident that it would serve as a platform for strengthening their maize breeding programs and their product portfolios.

The consortium approach has been adopted to enable partnerships between CIMMYT and private seed companies to facilitate the development and testing of inbred and hybrid maize, and for training of maize breeders. Some of the underlying principles include client determined research prioritization; a more focused, demand-driven approach; and an engagement where partner accountability is better defined. This mode of operation with partners is expected to have a targeted impact on agricultural productivity and poverty.

DuPont Pioneer visit CIMMYT-Hyderabad

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On 03 August 2011, the research leadership team of DuPont Pioneer visited CIMMYT at Hyderabad, India, for an overview of the CIMMYT-Asia maize program. Lead by John Sopper, Senior Vice-President for Crop Genetics & Development, the DuPont delegation also included Hans Bhardwaj (Senior Research Director), Peter Coaldrake (Director of Operations), Scott Naig (Director of Finance), Jennifer Gribble (Senior HR Manager), Jane Bachmann (Communications Manager–Research), and R.S. Mahala (Research Coordinator at Pioneer India).

P.H. Zaidi, senior maize physiologist/breeder at CIMMYT-Hyderabad, welcomed the group to Hyperabad and outlined the ongoing research priorities of the maize program. He spoke of the existing collaborations with public and private institutions, and CIMMYT initiatives towards purposeful partnerships, offering big opportunities for pro-poor agricultural investment and innovations. The group discussed the newly-launched International Maize Improvement Consortium (IMIC-Asia), MAIZE, the global alliance for food security and the livelihoods of the resource-poor in the developing world, and the collaboration in the highland maize program between Pioneer and CIMMYT-Mexico, as well as the opportunities for further future partnerships with the CIMMYT-Asia maize program.

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